Track Star

by Bill Ostrie II

Track cycling calculator. Calculate gears for track racing and training. Calculate speed from cadence, or cadence from speed. See flying 200m times, lap times, event times, and average lap pacing for events.

Use at your own risk. May lead to more refined gear choices, more focused training, and higher speed in your event. :)

Dedicated to Tim Luther. Thanks for the friendship and inspiration! Go 43 Degrees!

How to Use

Enter information into the white boxes surrounded by grey.

Changing input changes corresponding output; e.g., you can enter "40" in mph, then change the gears and see how the cadence changes. (Isn't that handy!)

Or you could enter your gear information, then change the rpm to see how fast you would need to spin to hit your target 200m time. (Uh oh, time to train some more.)

Enter a time for Starting Lap Time to see times for multi-lap events. The time for the event is the starting lap time you enter plus the time for the rest of the laps ridden at the pace from the section above.


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